Daily Moisture Repair

This is a superb, light deodorising lotion that absorbs easily to leave skin feeling nourished and silky soft. It contains Carrot and Sweet Almond oils to replace lost moisture, feed and condition skin, Calendula to soothe and comfort skin, and Coltsfoot and Oak Bark extracts to freshen and deodorise the body.


    Carrot oil softens and smooths the skin and promotes cell rejuvenation.

    Calendula oil has healing, soothing and softening qualities, making it perfect for treating itchy skin conditions and wounds.

    Almond oil is highly nourishing, rich in vitamins, and helps to soften the skin.

    Coltsfoot is an excellent antimicrobial agent and works to control the bacteria that cause perspiration odour.

    Oak is an anti-inflammatory and bactericide and works to control odour-causing bacteria in perspiration.


    After bathing or showering, dry your body well and vigorously to stimulate circulation.

    Then massage skin from neck to feet with the Daily Moisture Repair cream. It is absorbed quickly, giving skin a silky finish without leaving a residue on the skin.

R 249.00