Natural Essenceā„¢ Clarifying Exfoliant


Exfoliation is an essential part of any good beauty routine.

It frees skin of dull surface debris to reveal a layer of fresh new cells and restore radiance to the complexion.

This cream scrub combines the sebo-regulating and purifying properties of the Natural Essence™ blend with hydrating plant oils that heal, calm and repair active skin. Use two to three times a week for smooth, soft skin.



Apricot and Walnut kernels slough away surface debris and unblock pores.

Pineapple and Papaya fruit acids break down the ‘glue’ that bonds dead cells to the surface of skin, refining and smoothing skin’s texture and helping to decongest pores.

Orange and Mandarin essential oils tone skin and stimulate circulation.

Grapeseed, a superb anti-oxidant and emollient, keeps skin supple and protected.

Sweet Almond keeps skin silky soft.

Aloe Ferox is packed with the vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals that support all skin functions. It maintains moisture levels, stimulates circulation, tightens and rejuvenates tissue, treats infected pores, and restores a natural radiance.

The Natural Essence™ blend regulates sebum output and works to purify skin, decongest pores and soothe inflammation.

How To Use:

Apply to cleansed skin two to three times a week. Massage into the face and neck with wet fingertips, avoiding the eyes.

Use gentle upward circular movements and avoid aggravating sensitive areas or breakouts.

Remove thoroughly with warm water, rinsing off well with a clean facecloth or sponges, until all the apricot kernels have been removed.

R 329.00