Immuboost Crystals 450g

DESCRIPTION These skin-softening bath salt crystals are infused with specially selected essential oils to help support your immune system and stimulate your body’s natural defences against infection, inflammation and illness. KEY BENEFITS Ginger is warming and comforting, and is a powerful antidote to harmful bacteria. Clove fights infection, eases inflammation and relieves pain. Cinnamon helps to boost production of our infection-fighting T-cells. Black Pepper fights bacteria and promotes better intestinal health. Sage breaks up mucus formation and has potent antiseptic properties. Lemon invigorates the immune system and neutralises free radicals in the body, so reducing inflammation and swelling. Its energising properties help to fight fatigue. Bergamot eases stress, calms an irritated gut and clears the respiratory system. HOW TO USE Pour into a warm bath. For best results, follow with the ImmuBoost Massage Concentrate.

R 209.00