Glass Nail File

DESCRIPTION Shape nails while sealing the edges with this hardwearing glass nail file. The file has an extra fine, even surface so you can file your nails in both directions. It prevents splitting, and seals the edge of the nail beautifully to keep it strong and neat. BENEFITS • Seals your nail as you file. No more snagging bits, cracks or tears. • Perfect to keep in your handbag. • The file is glass and is protected in a plastic case. If cared for correctly, it should last a lifetime. • The file is not porous and cannot absorb contaminated fluids, thereby reducing the risk of spreading bacteria or fungi. • The file is easily cleaned under running water and does not require sterilisation. APPLICATION May be used on both natural and artificial nails. File dry nails in either direction and shaped as desired. Note: If the Glass Nail File is bent or dropped on a hard surface it will break. However, if cared for correctly, it can last a lifetime. PACKAGING 10cm glass nail file in a plastic case COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS • Cuticle Cream (20ml) • Matrix Oil (10ml) • Vitamin Pills for nails (120) • The Repair Cream for hands (75ml) RESULT Smooth, well-shaped nails that don’t catch or split.

R 269.00