Fijn Bos Facial Wash

DESCRIPTION A gentle skin-softening facial wash, formulated with uplifting and purifying essential oils to thoroughly remove make up and impurities. INGREDIENTS •Cape Geranium, with its intense rosy-sweet aroma, is excellent for restoring radiance, suppleness and balance to all skin conditions. •Cape Snowbush is a restorative astringent that helps to prevent tissue degeneration and may accelerate healing. •African Wormwood, from the Cederberg mountains, acts as a natural analgesic and has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal skin irritations. •Cape Clary Sage has a regenerating action on dry or problem skin conditions. •Cape May is a fragrant shrub with medicinal, skin-restorative properties. •African Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory that instils a sense of wellbeing to both the skin and the psyche. PACKAGING 120ml white bottle with pump action dispenser APPLICATION Apply 2ml onto wet face and neck area twice daily. Massage gently in circular motions with fingertips, taking time to enjoy the vaporized Fijnbos aromas. Rinse off well. NOTE: Suitable for use for 13 years of age and older. COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS •Fijnbos Cape Floral Facial Toner (105ml) •Fijnbos Cape Cactus Jelly (50ml) •Fijnbos Facial Essence (30ml) RESULT Skin is purified with a healthy glow.

R 219.00