DESCRIPTION Let the fresh scent of our Amalfi fragrance transport you to the turquoise waters of the Amalfi Coast, and long, lazy summer days at the glamorous Italian seaside. NOTES • Blood Orange has a warm, tangy, citrussy, berry-like quality that adds a real sparkle factor to fragrance creations and is considered uplifting, stimulating and anti-depressant. • Spicy Black Pepper has a warming, rich and exotic scent and gives life and lift to this fragrance. • Chypre has a deep, mossy base – intriguing to smell and very sophisticated to wear. PACKAGING 50ml glass bottle. APPLICATION Pulse points are the areas of your body which allow for the most even distribution of scent since your skin there is warmer. For men these points are the neck, wrists, and behind the ears. Top Tip: The best time to spray the fragrance is of course after the shower when the steam/heat opens up your pores, and the formula is allowed to sink in to the skin and helps make it last longer. RESULT The scent evolves and intrigues over time.

R 599.00