Colon Cleanse Vegi Caps

DESCRIPTION Detoxify your system with these vegicaps. They stimulate the colon to rejuvenate your entire system and deliver a sense of lightness and wellbeing. KEY BENEFITS Psyllium husk and bran fibre encourage regular elimination relieve flatulence and combat bloating. Flaxseed is an excellent source of soluble fibre and Omega-3 acids and helps to relieve constipation. Slippery Elm and Aloe are known to heal the mucus lining, soothe inflammation and restore comfort. Carrot purifies, cleanses and detoxifies the system, while supplying essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that enhance digestion. Barley Grass is an effective digestive tract cleanser and detoxifier and has an alkalising effect which may help to relieve irritable bowel syndrome and gastric ulcers A powerful digestive enzyme complex helps to enhance all stages of the digestive process: assimilation, nutrient absorption and elimination. Probiotics promote healthy gut flora. . HOW TO USE Take 1 or 2 vegicaps daily with a large glass of water. CAUTION: Do not take if pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from a serious health condition – or with any other medication. Always consult with your health practitioner first. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

R 355.00