Natural Tissue Oil

Natural Tissue Oil DESCRIPTION This deeply nourishing massage oil improves the texture of your skin to leave it soft and radiant. It contains Carrot Oil to condition and moisturise skin, Calendula to heal and soothe skin, Vitamin E to improve skin elasticity, and Arnica to ease strained muscles. Massage it in after bathing for skin that looks, feels and smells beautiful. KEY BENEFITS Vitamin E improves skin elasticity Carrot oil softens and smooths the skin and promotes cell rejuvenation. Calendula oil has healing, soothing and softening qualities, making it perfect for treating itchy skin conditions and wounds. Arnica, with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, relieves and treats muscle aches, spasms, sprains, bruises, swelling and rheumatic pain. Plus it i calming, grounding and promotes emotional wellbeing. HOW TO USE Dry your skin vigorously to improve circulation then firmly massage the Natural Tissue Oil into the skin

R 329.00