Immuboost Massage Concentrate Oil

  • DESCRIPTION                                                                                    This massage concentrate is a holistic treatment created to stimulate your body’s natural defences against infection, inflammation and illness. Its warming and fortifying oils support both body and mind, counteracting lethargy and a compromised immune system to help you stay healthy throughout the year.

    Warming Ginger is a powerful antidote to harmful bacteria.

    Cleansing Lemon invigorates our infection-fighting white blood cells.

    Bergamot eases stress, calms an angry gut and clears the respiratory system.

    Soothing Clove fights infection, eases inflammation and relieves pain.

    Cinnamon boosts production of our infection-fighting T-cells.

    Black Pepper fights bacteria and promotes better intestinal health.

    Sage breaks up mucus formation and has potent antiseptic properties.


    Massage onto the lymph nodes of the breast and underarms, into the back, behind the knees and under the feet.

    Caution: Should only be used from the age of 10. Always consult with your health practitioner first.

R 289.00